Facebook and Twitter Come To Amazon's Kindle

Free update will let you share book clips via social networks

Amazon's Kindle reading device is getting a bit more social. Amazon is sending out a software update that will add a few new neat features.

Soon, you'll be able to update your Twitter and Facebook statuses right from the device. You'll also be able to highlight a passage from the book or text you're reading and share it with your social network. That killer quote from your favorite author? A few clicks and your friends can enjoy it too.

Another feature called "Popular Highlights" will reveal what Kindle readers feel are the most interesting passages in the books you're reading. Watch out for spoilers.

One hotly anticipated feature will finally make its way to the device: folders. You'll be able to organize your books and documents. Currently, everything you store on your Kindle is in one long laundry list, and you have to scroll through it to find what you want to read. The new "Collections" feature will let you store items in groups you create.

The update also makes fonts on the screen sharper for easier readability and ads two larger font sizes for ageing eyes. You'll also have the ability to lock your Kindle when you're not using it with a password.

The Kindle 2.5 software update will hit devices automatically in late May.

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