Facebook, Have You Lost Wait?

Facebook Lite aims for faster socialization

Want a Facebook where everything runs faster, smoother, easier. Available in India and the U.S., Facebook Lite -- which we suppose is already being shortened to FBL, just to make it even lighter -- strips away a lot of the stuff of the Facebook we know so well.

Which means so long to the "your friend just commented on this one picture of this other friend you don't know" announcements. Which sometimes you like, and you want to click on. And sometimes you think, "eh" and wonder how you can make it all look a bit slimmer and trimmer. Because you never, ever have time.

Dear Facebook Elves: After Facebook Lite, please work on making all of us more time.

Here's how to try out this new thing: go to Facebook Lite directly -- http://lite.facebook.com/ if you want to see what the address actually looks like -- and sign in as usual. And viola! Your happy Facebook ranch has been cleaned, swept, polished, and shined. Messes stowed. Clutter gone.

But. But. Now we're kind of missing the hi-lar-ious photo from the person we don't know, and the ridiculous comment our sassy friend made about it. Oh boy. Decisions. Okay. We're probably going back to the FB that's been our BFF 4 months.

To switch back, head for www.facebook.com.

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