Fairies and Gnomes Flit, Flirt at Labyrinth of Jareth Ball

The problem is that once we, like many fantasy fans, get started on the merits of the 1986 film "Labyrinth" it is difficult to stop. We'll start with a deliciously misunderstood David Bowie in his stretchy pants and a pointy wig, we'll pause at Monty Python's Terry Jones, who co-penned it, hilariously, and we'll end with director Jim Henson, a Muppets-and-more man who should be front-and-center on everyone's all-time idol list.

Then there's a gorgeous and feisty Jennifer Connelly in a puffy-sleeved shirt.  That we've wanted for over two decades.

There are others out there who also want the puffy-sleeved shirt, and the adventure, and the fun the movie conveys.  And every year in Hollywood those woodland-y wanderers gussy up for a two-night fantasy extravaganza called the Labyrinth of Jareth Ball.  The masquerade isn't solely based on the movie, but on all good whimsical things and lore-ish loveliness, so if you want to stick wings on your back and call yourself a sprite, do it.

The costumes are outlandish, the setting sylvan and strange, the fantasy-fun outsized. We should mention that while "Labyrinth" is a movie that's enjoyed by adults and kids alike, the Labyrinth of Jareth Ball is aimed at the grown-up goblin.

And if you're headed for Comic-Con, we can only recommend that you try out your razzle-dazzle costume here first. What, you were only going to wear your dragonfly costume once? July 10th-11th, Henry Fonda Theatre

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