Fairy Tale Fun at Santa Barbara Zoo

Princesses, pirates, and others will be out to "Save the Frogs."

HOW MANY RIBBITS... are to be found in pond that's positively packed with frogs? It might be hard to accurately count, and the length of time is also a factor, as well. For example, are you adding up the number of ribbits within a minute, or an hour, or a day? So many questions, when you're a ribbit-observing frog fan. But there's another way of viewing each ribbit we come across, while out near a creek or body of water, and it is this: Amphibians, like so many animals we share this world with, are served well by our care and concern. If you have a soft spot for those ribbiting, hopping, fast-of-tongue, high-of-jump amphibians, consider donning a tiara and heading for the Santa Barbara Zoo, which is holding a "Save the Frogs" event as part of its oh-so-popular, astoundingly sweet Princess Day. The magical to-do materializes on...

SATURDAY, MARCH 11 AND SUNDAY, MARCH 12... at the animal park, and "(a)ll costumed princesses are welcome — as are knights, pirates, and cowboys." A number of princesses, from Sleeping Beauty to Rapunzel, will be there to welcome visitors, and call attention to our amphibian friends. Frogs, after all, play essential roles in the fairy tale realm, and spending a sunny Sunday spotlighting conservation issues, in addition to enjoying some enchanted merriment, seems like a wonderful way to head into spring. It's also Daylight Saving Time, do note, so if you plan to attend Princess Days at Santa Barbara Zoo, set your alarm clock to ribbit a bit early. You don't want to miss this sweet day if you love stories, animals, and a day out among our ribbit-happy, pond-loving pals.

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