Fall Favorite: Persimmon Festival

Orange County hosts a juicy jamboree.

PERSIMMONS IN ORANGE: With all of the tasty trends involving one sort of foodstuff encased in another sort of foodstuff — ponder pies baked inside cakes and pot stickers inside egg rolls — one could be forgiven for thinking there's some sort of fresh fruit trend when they hear "persimmons in Orange." Of course, the Orange here is the town, and not the juicy, sectional orb, but the persimmon part does, in fact, indicate actual persimmons are involved. We speak of the falltime tradition of celebrating a fruit that doesn't always have a widespread presence but absolutely should, thanks to its delicate flavor, its toothsome consistency, and its sheer, hue-happy beauty. That falltime tradition we speak of is the Pitcher Park Persimmon Party, and it will fully spotlight this autumnal treat, one that should make its way into more dishes and desserts and, yes...

BAKED GOODS: That's an area where the persimmon really shines. Find out for yourself on Sunday, Nov. 13 at the early-afternoon affair, one that gives some deserved love to the persimmon trees found around Orange. The persimmons you'll eat hail from those local trees, by the by. The local fruit will be "picked, pulped, and baked into delicious treats..." ahead of the mid-November nosh. "Regionally sourced food" has risen in importance in recent years, and eating fruit grown around town brims with local love. And, truly, if someone wants to try and put a persimmon in an orange, well, that could be the next sweet hit. Or, at least, persimmons and oranges would marry well in the same loaf of bread. An autumnal favorite awaits, fruit fans, in the city where it grows oh so well.

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