Fallbrook Hearts the Alligator Pear

Great guacamole! It's nearly time for the creamy celebration.

WE ALL ADORE OUR FRIENDS: We do, we absolutely and truly do. But if we had to vote, from anecdotal admissions, of course, on what food is not quite split in halfsies between best pals, we'd probably land on a) ice cream scoops and b) ice cream hot fudge and c) avocado. Yes, one of those things is not like the other -- hint: the ice cream and hot fudge go together -- but the threesome have a way of bulking up on the server's plate versus all the other plate's at the table. Be honest with yourself: If you're in the kitchen composing the dinner salads, and everyone else is around the corner, waiting at the table, do you not slip yourself an extra slice of the creamy-delicious-pit-y green fruit? Two extra slices? You do, if you're avocado-mad, like so many of us are. This isn't to say you're selfish, because you're not. But if you have any lingering guilt about over-avocado-taking, there's a fine place to make it up to your pals: Take them to the Fallbrook Avocado Festival on Sunday, April 17.

GUAC AND BEYOND: It's one of Fallbrook's most major festivities, which is no surprise, given that it is coming up on its 30th anniversary. The better part of three decades is enough time to line up the food booths -- the many, many food booths -- and the entertainment and to draw upwards of 100,000 attendees. Yep, a lot of people love the avocado, and they'll take it in most any form, guac and beyond. (We know, there are some that find "guac" to be an overly cute nickname, but we think occasionally abbreviating the word helps us get to the eating of the guacamole faster.)

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