Famed Trash Cans Go Salt & Pepper

The quirky tabletop sets pay homage to one of the most beloved parts of Disneyland Resort.

Disneyland Resort

TRY TO TELL A SERIOUS DISNEY DEVOTEE... about how the trash cans inside the park are themed to the different lands and areas and you'll likely be met with enthusiastic nodding. It's one of the best-known not-a-secret secrets, a fact that is right there in plain sight, and to try and tell any fan how there isn't a uniform style to the trash cans at the Happiest Place on Earth is likely a road you don't need to take. That said, fans do love to chitchat about the Disneyland trash cans, from their favorite designs to where one trash can stops and the next one begins (near the borders of where the lands meet, natch). Thus far, though, fans haven't had many ways to express their adoration for this unusual theme park design element, but then... the salt & pepper shakers arrived in 2014.

DISNEY, knowing its followers do love the unusual and offbeat, released a series of tabletop implements a couple of years back, shakers that rocked the look and rectangular-o-sity of the park's cans. Now there's a second release, and the shakers are flat-out adorable. There's the one for Main Street, and one with the Matterhorn, an Adventure Land can and one for ...it's a small world, too. Is this the strangest of all Disney-themed collectibles? Well, it likely is one of the unlikeliest, but we'll lovingly call the necktie that pays tribute to the Haunted Mansion wallpaper pretty darn quirky, too.

WANT TO KNOW MORE... about the wee trash cans? There's video, you betcha. Whether you go for them or not -- people who love particular things within the parks do have a way of needing every last piece of merch associated with those things -- it is still a gas to see the resort celebrating what visitors talk about. And, yep, that 100% includes those famous, famous trash cans.

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