“Family Guy” Creator Talks Talking Dogs, Success

It can be hard for a busy show runner to take a break from the day-to-day to get up on a stage and...well... talk about the day-to-day and all the work that goes into creating a hit show. Or, in the case of "Family Guy," a pop-culture phenomenon. We personally are acquainted with at least three guys who could, "Rocky Horror"-style, stand in front of an episode of the animated series and give each line, accurately and with feeling. And tell us what's coming next.

Writer/voice artist/show runner extraordinaire Seth MacFarlane got his start writing and animating for various cartoons, including "Johnny Bravo" (we miss that dude), back in the '90s; he's also the force behind "American Dad," another animated offering. After some starts and stops with "Family Guy," the show returned to, and we're not exaggerating, take over the world, and several nearby planets. It's quick-cutaway style, regular references of other shows/movies, and nefarious tot Stewie have become hallmarks of the show. MacFarlane will be talking everything "Family Guy," including, it is promised, the episode he could never air, during his evening of chat at the Carpenter Center. Let's just hope Stewie doesn't cut the lights or sound system before the night even begins...

Seth MacFarlane
Saturday, February 28, 8PM
$50/$45 Students and Seniors
Carpenter Center for the Performing Arts
6200 Atherton Street, Long Beach

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