Fantastikals and Jesters Need Apply

The Renaissance Faire holds auditions. You look good in tights, right?

There are approximately 138 truisms about Los Angeles. Somewhere about #90 is this fact: Somewhere, in the city, at pretty much any time of the day, an audition is happening.

But there are a lot of barriers to that audition; you might need a particular background or an agent or both to even walk in the door. Which is why we like to talk about tryouts that don't throw a lot of gates in the eager participant's path (nothing wrong with gates, of course, but sometimes it is nice to see 'em come down).

The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire is taking down the gates on Saturday, Feb. 4 and Sunday, Feb. 5. The mondo springtime costume-sweet lark is look for its cast of characters, people who are willing to jest and sing madrigals (would the verb there be "madrigalize"?) and flirt and dance around May Poles. Just to name a few of the job requirements.

Sigh. If only every want ad listed "jesting" as a must.

If you do have a background in acting, and a headshot, and the works, that's cool; they'll want to see that. If you don't, but adore all things Renaissance, and leather pants, and nubby tights, and Elizabethan ruffs, you can still audition. You'll need to talk to Carlos or email him to snag your appointment.

And, of course, you'll need to clear out your April and May weekends if you do get the gig. But think of all the people you'll meet and the like-minded people you'll work with. Have beautiful friendships started over a shared love of turkey legs, naughty sonnets, and tunes played on a lute? Many, we're sure.

The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire unfurls every weekend from April 7 through May 20, 2012 at Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area.

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