Farewell, Cap: Wax Figure Set to Depart Sin City

The Tussauds exhibit bids adieu to a heroic character.

MOVE FAST: The wonderful thing and frustrating thing about superheroes is they tend to move fast. We want them too, right? We cheer as they escape the alien's beam-thrusting mothership and the giant claws of some super-crustacean. And if they're down for the count, nursing an injured shoulder as a giant metal squirrel with laser eyes approaches them with malice, we can't stop ourselves from wanting to shout "run, get up, go!" Yep, our guys in capes and Spandex need to get from Point A to Point B in, well, a flash. So when a line-up of beautifully realized wax figures shows up at Madame Tussauds, in Las Vegas, and those figures pay tribute to one of the most famous superhero collectives in history, well. You can kind of figure -- tee hee? -- that one of the figures'll make its exit sooner or later.

MAKE THAT SOONER: The Avengers line-up, complete with Thor, Nick Fury, Captain America, and Iron Man, showed up in Sin City in November, and it was truly a planet-huge deal. So big that Mr. Marvel himself, Stan Lee, showed to lend the opening proceedings some love. But, alas, any aficionado of The Avengers knows that the world-saving group doesn't hang around together in one spot for too long, and Captain America must be off. His final day in Las Vegas is Tuesday, Jan. 14, so if you've got to see The Avengers en masse, the first half of the first month of the year is your best bet. And if you do go, make time to watch the Marvel Super Heroes 4D Film, also new to the Las Vegas wax museum. Farewell, Cap, and keep fighting that good fight in the way you fight it. Nobly, chin up, shield out.

ALSO... if you haven't seen the Thor figure posed next to a big Vegas Strip sign, it's pretty nifty.

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