Faux Bois Beauties

Piper and Paisley

FAUX BOIS HAT: It's a log for your noggin, but much, much less heavier and much, much more stylish. We see faux bois, or fake wood prints, on household items quite often; so when we spy the woodsy pattern on a wearable item, we're sold. From Piper and Paisley, $45

THE WOODY BELT: Should you wear your new Faux Bois Hat and this belt, which is dotted with wee log-end images, at the very same time? Only if you want to be particularly awesome. Birds may potentially want to come and be your friend, too. A side benefit. $135, from Moxie and Oliver 

BIRCH LOG PILLOW: Comfier than kindling and won't splinter, either. What will these cushions do? Lend a forest-y touch to the couch. We think it would look spectacular on a bright green sofa. Now, to get a bright green sofa... $45 (for one), at My Imaginary Boyfriend

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