Feeling HappyHappy!! About New Artwork

It's called HappyHappy!! which about sums it up. And what is it, exactly? It's a massive art piece that consists of hundreds of bright, pastel-y, blue and yellow and pink and orange plastic bowls and bins and bits of kitchen and laundry-room knickknackery.

If you've driven down Wilshire you've probably had a "what the?" moment. And life affords too few of those. Bead curtains gone mad, we'll call 'em.

These clunky, oval pieces have been strung together in whimsical curtains by artist Choi Jeung-Hwa, and they're currently hanging outside between the Broad Contemporary Art Museum and the Ahmanson Building at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The installation is part of the new Your Bright Future: 12 Contemporary Artists From Korea exhibit.

And this block of odd plastic drapery, up until now, has been roped off from the public. You can look, you can stare, but you can't walk into the ropes of bowls and bins. And *all* you want to do is do exactly that. So tempting. So difficult not to. The bright plastic blocky space lures you, with its synthetic siren song.

Finally, that song can be answered. HappyHappy!! is opening to the public for walk-through-ing on Sunday, June 28th. Finally, our desire to saunter inside a strange, many-hued, plastic-swaying place will be fulfilled.

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