Feeling So Jubilee

Mia Doi Todd, community groups, and fam fun shine in Silver Lake.

Silver Lake Jubilee

Jubilee is serious. Not the idea of a jubilee, of course; that is about fun and celebration and maybe someone playing a fiddle and maybe someone walking on stilts. (We do not recommend doing the two latter activities simultaneously, although we suspect it can be done.)

But jubilee itself is a big, outsized concept. And the annual Silver Lake Jubilee is a big festival. So the term fits the occasion. Speaking of fitting, however, we're scratching our noggins about how all of the good rocking and reading-aloud-ing and cartooning and food-trucking that is promised will fit into a single weekend. The weekend in question? Saturday, May 21 and Sunday, May 22 

Just. Look at all the names and groups and happenings packed onto this poster. It's the most packed poster we've seen in some time (not that we keep track of how often we see a truly info-rich poster, but this one has to be in the top ten, easy.)

Soulful chanteuse Mia Doi Todd, word-loving 826LA, and space-smart JPL are just some of the interesting participants listed. A beer garden will be an interesting place to relax and enjoy the liquid arts. The interesting meeting spot of Sunset and Santa Monica Boulevard is the interesting location (under the bridge, note).

Are you feeling the jubilee? Full force? We wouldn't be surprised if, one year, the organizers got excited and added "hootenanny" after jubilee. It would still work.

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