Feniger and Milliken Open Border Grill Stop

Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken already own branches of Border Grill in Santa Monica and Vegas, plus a roving Border Grill Truck. On May 19, the duo debuted a downtown kiosk called Border Grill Stop at the northwest corner of Figueroa & Wilshire. They’re located outside Comerica Bank building and feature plenty of patio seating. The menu features “fresh, fast cuisine with a flavorful Latin twist,” including Salads, Wraps and Tortas, Tacos, Quesadillas, Sides, and a roster of coffee drinks.

Expect specific options like a Cubano Sandwich ($8), Peruvian Ceviche Fish Tacos ($9), Roasted Poblano Quesadilla ($5) and Latin Chopped Salad ($9) with roasted beets, red beans, Cuzco corn, chickpeas, tomato, red onion, grilled zucchini, field greens, blue cheese, crispy plantain and chipotle vinaigrette. There’s even a small selection of breakfast items like Breakfast Burritos, Guava Cheese Empanadas and Blueberry Lemon and Sour Cream Muffins.

Border Grill Stop is open weekdays from 6 AM – 3 PM. Follow them on Twitter @bordergrillstop. [Feast LA].

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