Fess Parker Inn Restaurant Week Special

Headed to wine country to try some new tastes? Bed down in luxury for a night.

JUST ABOUT EVERY TRAVEL GUIDE, at some point or another, makes some great recommendations that adventurers don't always heed. Pack sunscreen and a hat. Don't overstuff your suitcase, and find basic outfits you can depend on over several days. And always keep a little spiral notebook in the glove department, to write down those places you'd like to visit on your next time through town. Even the most skilled traveler, after all, doesn't get a chance to tuck into that bistro off the square they saw while driving by, nor the museum with the vintage sewing machines. (Because, please, everyone wants to see vintage sewing machines.) So how many places in the Santa Ynez Valley have you jotted down, in your little spiral notebook, over the years? We're guessing, politely, that you've made a few trips, either for pastries and shopping in Solvang or perhaps to visit a trio of lauded wineries. But did you pass a bunch of restaurants along the way, eateries you vowed to try? And did that include the famous Fess Parker Wine Country Inn? There is a moment to make good on what's in your glove compartment notebook, the list of spots you want to experience around Los Olivos and Buellton and Ballard and beyond. How? Well, there's a deal afoot at Fess Parker, and it involves a...

RESTAURANT WEEK ONE NIGHT PACKAGE: Book a stayover at the luxe Los Olivos landmark -- rates kick off at $445 -- and be closely situated to all of those tasty taverns and elegant dining rooms going the multi-course, one-price route from Jan. 24 through 30. Your beverages and tip and tax are extra, do note, but also note the catchy price for the three-course menus: $20.16. That's a cinch to remember, what with the year and all, and you don't even need to jot it down in your glove compartment notebook. Bell Street Farm in Los Alamos, Root 246 in Solvang, and the Fess Parker Wine Country Inn's own Petros are all participating, in addition to several other excellent local spots. Oh, and wineries, too, which are doing tastings and small bites for Restaurant Week. So there's a room deal at the lovely Fess Parker, and your restaurant rundown, too. Does it match up with all of the places you've jotted down and promised to sample over the years? Let 2016 be the year you make good on that promise to yourself.

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