Final of the Firsts

The Natural History Museum's last First Friday of 2011 preps to roar.

Natural History Museum

We're glad that the Natural History Museum's perennially popular First Fridays only fill up the first half of the year. No, honest, we mean that.

After all, the year tends to be a bit top-heavy with stuff to do come the summer and fall, but winter and spring? Sometimes are needing the love. But year after year, NHM steps up with a program brimming with science fact and fascinating theory and DJs. And where else can you get those three things all mixed together in one tasty dish? Nowhere else, usually. Ish.

The next and last First Friday for 2011 is on Friday, June 3. The main talk will focus on "The Dinosaur in Your Backyard" -- eek/yay! -- and the upcoming debut of the brand-spanking-fresh-new Dinosaur Hall, which will premiere in mid-July.

There will also be seashell discussion -- yay/yay! -- and performances by Dirty Beaches and GAYNGS. And DJs. And lots of bones and dioramas to serve all of your bone-looking, diorama-admiring needs.

Price is twelve bucks, and everything's on from 5:30 to 10:30 p.m. That's not nearly as long as the Paleozoic Era, but it is long enough to get your smartie party on.

And thanks, NHM, for another round. See ya back First-Friday-ing in January 2012. Of course, we'll see ya at the new Dinosaur Hall, for some quality eeking and yaying.

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