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Harveys Original Seatbelt Bags

HARVEYS ORIGINAL SEATBELTBAG: Picture ultra-sturdy handbags made out of seatbelt material. Tough. We're making mention because they're fab looking, and because Harveys is throwing a music-filled, art-packed party on Friday, September 11th. At the heart of it: Finding/helping up-and-coming artists. "Canned beer" and "snacks" are on the invite. So is drawing with Sharpies. 7-11PM, 7955 Melrose

DISKETTE HANDBAG: Funky Trend alerted us to this one. The 12 floppies are bona fide. Ask yourself this: Could you pass someone carrying this computer-cool purse on the street and *not* ask about her bag?  Via Fractal Spin. $55 

OLGA ABADI CARTOON CLUTCH: This would be our plan for this stylish purse. Sit in a waiting room. Pick up our bag and start reading the outside. And laugh and laugh and laugh. See how people react. They'll be good jealous, we bet. Via the MOMA Store. $95 

WINTER IN LOVE CLUTCH: The snapping top has an authoritative ring to it. And the embroidery is the piece de resistance. Do you have a ton of embroidered things? Even one? That can change. From Misma. $80

SILVER LEDA CLUTCH: Here's an impressive amount: 700+. How does that pertain to this silvery sack? That's how many recycled aluminum pull-tabs went into making it. We'd hear a soda cracking open every time we picked it up. Via SFMOMA, $145

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