Folk Ditty Soul Singer from NY, Ingrid Michaelson, Tours US

Michaelson says "Be OK"

Ingrid Michaelson is one those Internet fables; a 20-something singer-songwriter that climbed online to have her self-produced album “Girls and Boys” hit the new mark of success -- the iTunes pop chart. Her soft-hearted acoustical bounce been featured on television soundtracks and commercials, and her second release “Be OK” offers the same, not moving far from her debut CD. In this case, it’s preferred.

Michaelson mixes ditty with soft folk soul with “Giving Up” and “Keep Breathing,” and you hear someone who is just moving from a truthful experience.  There is melodic joy in her voice that finds adulthood a place where you may still hurt, but you know you can work out of it and ya don’t have to take a lesson from it.

The CD takes her trademark thoughfulness to cover a ukulele-led "Somewhere over the Rainbow" and a reflective "Can't Help Falling in Love."

The soulful ditty singer-songwriter once taught theater in an after-school program, and the melodies on “Be OK” stay with you long enough to want to hear how they would be treated in a soft-hearted musical, maybe a witty fable about a coffee shop girl that finds fame. That can be a few CDs down the road after life gently rolls past her.

Michaelson is on a U.S tour and will headline at the House of Blues in Anaheim, November 4, the House of Blues in San Diego, CA, November  5, then appear at the El Rey in Los Angeles on November 6.

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