Fire and Light at the Gamble House

The Gamble House announces a new glass-focused tour.

You love Craftsman homes? You've likely been on just about every tour the Gamble House has to offer. Multiple times. Because. The Gamble House. There's always something new to admire about what is, let's be honest, one of the greatest houses on the planet--of any style or era. We're thinking of all that deliciously warm joinery. The inside-meets-outside-ness. That famous front door.

Now the Pasadena landmark is getting a fresh tour. This one will focus on the leaded art glass throughout the home, and when we say "focus" we mean it: The tour will be two hours. Going deep on one topic? It's a wonderful enterprise in our quick-quick, gloss-over-it world.

"Fire and Light: The Art Glass of Greene & Greene" will begin on Friday, Oct. 21. The following outing for the tour will be Wednesday, Nov. 16. So it won't be a daily thing. Meaning those advance tickets? Important. You'll need to reserve ahead of time by calling 626-395-9783 or writing A ticket is $40.

We're happy when structures that have a long history get something new, even a new way of looking at things that have been gazed upon a thousand times before. But we're still awaiting the day when the Gamble House devotes a full, hour-long tour to just that upper sleeping porch. What house buff isn't a tad obsessed with the Gamble House sleeping porch? Like many Californians, we bet, we'd like to nap there, one day, just once. For maybe twenty minutes, is all. But then we'd also like to swim in the Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle. That still hasn't happened, either.


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