First Fridays: This Time It’s Personal

Hot tunes, big ideas, and people wearing masks rule. Rrowr!

Natural History Museum

Do you think if we borrowed the Natural History Museum for, like, we don't know, a few weeks, and took it around the country, and even the world, to show other museums how awesome it is, and how those institutions can be awesome, too, do you think people might mind? Or would they say something like, "um, you're holding a giant building full of dinosaur bones, maybe you need to get that back to LA" or something similar?

Yeah. Maybe we'll skip that field trip. But NHM -- we go back, so using initials is totes okay -- has it right. So does KCRW. And so does First Fridays, the annual, get-your-dance-on-and-grow-your-mind party that hits the Exposition Park institution for a handful of Fridays each and every year. The series opens on Friday, Jan. 6.

About the dance part: KCRW rounds up DJs and bands to entertain revelers. On Friday, Jan. 6 the acts include DJ Anthony Valadez and Mariachi El Bronx.

About the mind part: NHM rounds up scientists to talk about big matters. Topics on Friday, Jan. 6 including "The Believing Brain" and "The Nature of Science."

About the parts we haven't even got space to rave about: There's other stuff that falls under the category of "this is so great I didn't even know I could do this" like curatorial tours and wacky photo ops and such.

See? You totally want to lift up the museum and cart it around the world and show it off to other institutions that are looking to shake off their stuffy reps (we like stuffy, let it be known, but we're just saying; science is sassy, fun stuff).

A concert and museum pass is $18, but you'll want to explore all. (This is a popular thing, so we don't want to see any dallying about tickets if you're interested.)

First Fridays will run, wait for it, every first Friday of the month through June 1. Did we mean "run" there? How about tramp, T Rex-like, while mightily rrowring? That's better.

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