Five Years After “Brokeback”

The Autry celebrates an important film on its half-decade anniversary.

Important films come down the pike often, and we stand back or get close and we admire and then they pass on their way, only to return now and then in the clips segment of the Oscars or on various critics' top ten lists or as cultural references in other films.

Then there's a movie like "Brokeback Mountain," which became less of a two-hour experience for many people and more of a significant signpost that shifted their thinking, and even their journey, outside of the theater in which they saw the film.

The Autry National Center is remembering the beautiful 2005 film with "a full day of programs and reflection" on Saturday, Dec. 11. There will be readings on what the love story between Ennis and Jack meant to people, there will be a screening of the Ang Lee-directed movie, and the famous shirt that Ennis Del Mar kept will be on display.

"Brokeback Mountain" screens at 11:30 a.m. on Dec. 11; the readings will take place at 3 p.m., and are gratis with your museum ticket.

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