Overwhelming Amount of Cyclists Rob Small Market in Pico Union

"All the people were grabbing everything," the store's owner said

An overwhelming amount of cyclists rushed into a small market in Pico Union as many stuffed drinks and snacks into backpacks before they took off, prompting a grand theft investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department.

The robbery took place at approximately 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, according to the store's owner, Oscar Garcia.

Thousands of dollars worth of merchandise was taken from the small market on the corner of Union Avenue and 12th Street before the mob of robbers took off on their bicycles.

"All the people were grabbing everything," Garcia said.

Garcia had to buy new merchandise to replace the stolen goods — a costly inventory restock that he estimated to be nearly $3,000.

A cycling event was held at MacArthur Park before the robbery, according to the LAPD Media Relations. No arrests have been made.

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