Foamy Confab: California Beer Festival

The Marin, Santa Cruz, San Dimas, and Ventura traveling bev show is setting its sights on summer.

SET YOUR COOLER BY IT: People get a little bit prickly around Daylight Saving Time, especially if that hour lost was one that could have been spent reading or brunching or gardening or doing something grand. First off, we always bemoan that hour more than most others -- true? True. And second, think of it reappearing this autumn, when we fall back. What you can do, if you wish, is turn your clock-setting thoughts to one of the biggest beverage traveling shows in our state, an annual hop-around that makes a quartet of summertime or near-summertime stops starting in Marin and ending in Ventura. It's the California Beer Festival, and even if you don't set your clock by it you can set your cooler by it.

ACTUALLY, NO COOLERS ARE NECESSARY... because the California Beer Festival takes care of attendees with taste after taste, served up in small sips by the bespoke, every-last-bubble-and-fizz-considered brewhouses who are on the grounds. Representatives from the brewhouses are out meeting fans and talking up their product, while bands play, hobnobbing is plentiful, and the ursine mascot of the whole affair is often on the grounds, posing for photos.

MARCH 17... was the first on-sale date for the four-cities festival; the Marin festival is up first, so if you want to do the June 20th party, then nab your tickets now. The two Southern California festivals, San Dimas and Ventura, roll out over the second and third weekends of September. And the on-sale dates? They're one and the same: May 8th.

CALIFORNIA BEER FESTIVAL AT SEA: There's even a cruise, yep yep, if you need some waves with all of your suds. That sets sail in early April, if you can't wait for the terrestrial action of summertime. Details on the beer-themed boat? They're over this way, sudsy sailors.

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