Foodie Giftie Quickie Pop-Up Shop

The local foods love-a-thon returns to downtown for two days.

What were you doing the weekend before Halloween?

We suspect whatever it was, it involved trying on about 20 wigs before going with the blue-striped Vampira one (your friends all loved it, so good choice).

While you were placing various plastic fangs in your mouth and posing in front of your bathroom mirror, the foodies behind Artisanal LA were setting up shop at the Cooper Design Building downtown. They then proceeded to sell all sorts of locally made edible goodies.

Good stuff.

Now the Artisanal aficionados are back, for a quick nibble of a pop-up, on Saturday, Dec. 11 and Sunday, Dec. 12. It'll be the perfect weekend to score some amazing vinegar for your brother and fancy hot sauce for your aunt. All stuff made in Los Angeles or very close.

Making this all end-of-the-year vs. scary October: Santa will be in the house, and there will be roasted chestnuts. Oh ho ho ho, indeed.

It's six bucks to get in, and there are "hosted drinks and snacks." Score.

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