For the ‘chella of It: Brokechella 2013

The in-city, not-too-pricey desert fest alternate raises some noise.

Here's the not-so-secret secret about a multi-day music festival in the desert: It's a multi-day music festival in the desert.

Which means a few things from the get-go. One? You have to get to the desert, and possibly stay in the desert, which probably will take some cash, or at least you cleaning out your aunt's garage or washing your friend's car in some sort of barter-type situation.

And two? It's several days, meaning ticket costs will reflect that. And while we only want to hug and squeeze and welcome back the Coachella Music and Arts Festival year after year -- it's just a good thing, right, for many? -- we also must turn our budget-watching eye to its in-city, stay-close distant cousin, Brokechella.

Brokechella is set to roll again on Saturday, April 20 downtown. That's also one of the Saturdays of Coachella, so that whole "two places at once" thing is not going to work for you. But how does paying ten bucks for a day brimming with bands sound? And the whole downtown part (the show rolls at Six01 Studios). That can be a public transportation thing, even, meaning that a tenner and some coins can nab you a festival experience. 

And you sleep in your own bed that night to boot.

It's year three for the 'chella-monikered sound sensation, there are three stages, and the artists? Gamut-running. Think Planet Booty, Mystery Skulls, The Dead Ships, and other indie, hip-hop, music-making people playing keyboards/spinning discs/holding mics and thanking fans for sticking to town for the day.

It's 21+. Yep.

Here's the nice, everybody-wins bit, though: Coachella, as you likely know, is two weeks, so could you give both 'chellas the love? You could, music lover. You really could, if your heart is big enough.

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