Forecast: Beer, with Light Grilled Cheese

Beer is here, and, we suppose, has been for several thousand years, but every so often the sudsy stars align and a couple of pint-perfect events happen around the same time. Which makes us pause to ponder, is beer back? But then that's silly. Beer never went away. Beer is near.

BELGIAN BEER FESTIVAL X: That "10" at the end says that Lucky Baldwin's, the hosting duo of pubs for this beery bash, means business. Nothing sticks around long enough to earn a Roman numeral X without pleasing pub crawlers with good variety and tasty brews. The deal with this libation fest? Labels that can't be found in the fridge at every corner store. There are over 50+ on tap, which is beverage-y bliss. And, it runs through Sunday, March 1, so you best hop to it. Yes, we said hop to it. 17 S. Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, and 21 Kersting Court, Sierra Madre.

GRILLED CHEESE NIGHT: Do you ever aimlessly surf the web, looking at glossy photos of oozing Cheddar cheese layered between toasted pieces of thick-cut bread, just to take the stress off? Neither do we. But good Gouda if we don't adore a great grilled cheese sandwich. Andrew's Cheese Shop dishes up a variety -- a half dozen or so -- the first Sunday of every month. And there are fancy beer pairings involved. This sounds like melty perfection slathered on sourdough to us. Sunday, March 1. $35. 728 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica. 310-393-3308

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