Frankenstein 4evr

Love your vintage flicks? Get to Hollywood.


When a classic film festival rolls into town, one might be forgiven if they assume that the movies set to screen will all be "classic-y." You know, boy meets girl, there's a tap dance in front of a white picket fence, a bouquet of daisies is given, and then the credits roll.

We ourselves would absolutely love to see that particular film, and we don't think there's a whit wrong with the term "classic-y." But we mention this to make the point that movies made decades ago reach far beyond the white picket fence,despite stereotypes that say otherwise. They're scary and they're hilarious and they're envelope-pushing and sometimes a flower scene, a la "Frankenstein," does not end well.

So here's our toast to the big and audacious TCM Classic Film Festival, which opens in Hollywood and runs through Sunday, April 15. Loads of every kind of flick'll screen at various Tinseltown venues and a whole caboodle of movie stars will show up to chat and answer questions and share anecdotes.

First on our want-to-see list? Actress Kim Novak, who hobnobbed with Alfred Hitchcock and Jimmy Stewart and everybody back when she was making films like "Vertigo." And producer Robert Evans will talk about "Marathon Man" during the fest. Big stuff. As for the "Frankenstein" mention? Look for Mr. John Carpenter to ruminate about everyone's favorite moany, misunderstood monster. He, and the film, will be at the Egyptian on Friday, April 13.

Whoa. Friday the 13th? Picked as the date to screen one of the best horror flicks of all time? C'mon, TCM. Stop it. You're amazing.

This is fun, too; Ginnifer Goodwin will be at the "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" Chinese Theatre screening on Saturday, April 14. That's timely and appropriate, given her role on "Once Upon a Time."

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