Free at the Ford: Monday Night Swing

Shake it under the stars. And save money.

Swing Dancing

Whether Sunday at 5:17 p.m. is a bluer moment than Monday around 10:08 a.m. can be left to the experts who think about these weighty matters.

We try to fight the hating of Mondays. Because the hating is boring and trite. And because we live in Los Angeles, where a Monday is equal to a Friday or Saturday night in some cities.

Some cities, if you feel we're talking about you, please do not take offense. Instead, be inspired to make Mondays merrier.

We're doing that here in LA at the Ford Amphitheatre. Every Monday, for a good stretch of the summer, there's a free dance/shake-it/music to-do. On Monday, June 21, that will involve swing dancing, and Israeli folk music, and Mexican folk music, and Korean sounds and hula, too.

Isn't Monday less-blue-ish now? Yes. When there's something to look forward to that night. Always.

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