Free Bangles Show

The local faves are playing the Santa Monica Pier.

The free Bangles show at the Santa Monica Pier on Thursday, July 14 seems, to us, the perfect antidote to all of this pre-freeway-shut-down-oh-no-meltdown madness.

Yeah, it's free. Yeah, it's The Bangles. Two good things. But our city is making a lot of national headlines right now with the coming Carmageddon. With that in mind, we feel like LA needs a few sunnier stories out there.

(The dates, by the by, of the 405 being closed are Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July 17, which are dates you've likely heard about 405 times in the last few days.) 

So, our thinking. The Bangles are also very LA, right? The local rockers rose to acclaim in that great era of '80s girl-groupery and are still hitting the songs something fierce. A summer's evening at Santa Monica Pier is also very LA, right? Soft marine breezes and the Ferris wheel, all lit up. And, yes, on occasion, free can be pretty LA. Our city has its expensive bits, for sure, but it is big enough to accommodate the occasional free concert, and thank goodness for that.

The concert is part of the Twilight Dance Series; things kick up at 7 p.m. on July 14.

And regarding Carmageddon *not* being a sunny story. It is, actually, yes? In the end? The fact that traffic will flow more easily following Carmageddon is downright sunny; it's just the getting to that point that's creating drama and stress. But surely those two things'll be short lived, and the benefits will be felt for years to come.

No more manic Mondays for 405 drivers, in other words. You knew we'd go there, right? Right.

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