Free: Busker Bash in San Diego

Swing by Seaport Village for swirls, laughs, feats, and wonders.

Nelvin Cepeda

ACROBATIC AND COMICAL FEATS: If you've ever attempted to balance a book on your forehead, or hang a soup spoon from your nose, or tried a one-handed cartwheel, you may have a touch of busker-type magic in your veins. But buskery, as performed in public, takes oodles of practice, and dedication over months and years of honing, day in, day out. It isn't easy to learn how to hold incredibly still, as a statue might, as curious people stand and attempt to meet your gaze. Nor is tumbling, or dancing with rings, or the countless other dance-like expressions of buskery a snap to master. Thus to admire a caboodle of street performers plying their craft all in one place, entertaining the crowds, chatting one-on-one with giggling kids, or simply astonishing onlookers is a treat that doesn't cartwheel along every day. You either have to be sauntering down the right lane, or through the right plaze, and you have to behold a busker bash or you simply have to make your way to Seaport Village in San Diego on...

SATURDAY, MARCH 4... from noon right through to sundown (or 6 o'clock, thereabouts). The water-close area shall shimmer with dancers and sword-swallowing artists as well as "pogo stick tricks and juggling on unicycles." You may feel as though you'll need to step up your soup spoon shenanigans, perhaps moving to two soup spoons, after spending an hour being regaled by the amazing antics among the shops and restaurants of the village. And the cost to see these colossally gifted buskers? It's totally free. Nope, it isn't summer yet, though a busker gathering may give that impression. But it is almost spring, and the weather is looking ripe for some under-the-sun wonders at Seaport Village.

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