Free Comic Books to Save Day

It's the happiest of holidays for fanboys/girls.

Free Comic Book Day

Metropolis was in desperate straits. Budget-minded citizens wanted comic books to enjoy, and yet, those very same citizens were feeling very light in the coin purse. What could be done? Was there hope? What caped hero would swoop in and save the day?

Multiple caped heroes will be swooping in on Saturday, May 7. That's Free Comic Book Day, and if you think Free Comic Book Day is a day devoted to free comic books, you definitely know how to read between the lines. Shops around the nation will be giving away freebies and goodies -- our two favorite things ending in "-ies" -- and holding special events as well. And we just know a costumed greeter or two will show at several stores.

Now. Not *every* book on the shelf will be gratis, but you know this. We want our comic book stores to be around to sell comics after May 7, yes? Yes. But the stores will each designate different giveaways and such, so you'll need to visit your favorite store's site to see what they have in store.

We swung by Meltdown and saw the words "The Dark Crystal" and Jim Henson Productions in several spots, which makes us happy; get details on what the Hollywood shop has planned. And The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach has a whole mess of guests lined up. Good stuff doesn't get much good-stuff-ier for the comic book fan, or people who like celebratory days festooned with free stuff.

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