Free Day Among the Arroyo Gems

Five museums and homes are opening for an annual event.

Alexander Vertikoff

Fact: We'll never live in the Gamble House.

Daily we try to come to grips with this hard truth. You, too, likely love the Pasadena landmark so much that you've visualized yourself dreaming the night away up on that woodsy sleeping porch. Or is that just us? But, really, when we all love a famous place, it is better for that place to belong to everyone.

The Gamble House is one of five spots waiving admission for the annual free event known as Museums of the Arroyo Day. The 2011 date is Sunday, May 15, and joining the Gamble will be the Lummis Home, Heritage Square, the LA Police Museum, and the Pasadena Museum of History. These locations are, as you might expect, adjacent or close to the Arroyo Seco.

Each spot will have doings -- you can bet your vintage britches that people will be in costume at Heritage Square -- and the theme of the overall event is "Hats." So if you still have your frou-frou chapeau sitting out from the Kentucky Derby, by all means wear it.

Now we're thinking of the Lummis Home, which is just about the river-rock-iest abode in the city. We'd like to live there, too, maybe split our time up with the Gamble House. You too? Yeah. It's just better that these places remain open for all to enjoy. (Please join us in daydreaming, however.)

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