Free Friday Night Sing-Alongs Open

The summer series starts with a tribute to "Glee."

Singing? A stress reliever. On a summer evening? Also rather relaxing. With a bunch of people? Eases the mind, in case you don't want your own pipes to stand out too much. At a world-famous building? Kind of awesome. And not paying anything to do so? All of the above multiplied by five.

The Friday Night Sing-Along at the Walt Disney Concert Hall's Keck Amphitheatre is opening for the summer on Friday, June 24. "Glee" will be the theme, and we wouldn't be surprised if a few people are out in Rachel-worthy knee socks or a cheerleader outfit or two. Why not? There are so few opportunities to dress up as favorite TV characters in this world (although we suspect that LA presents more than most cities, and thank goodness).

There are three sing-alongs this summer -- '70s Funk and Rat Pack nights are ahead in July and August -- so we say to take advantage of them when they come along. We kind of wish they were every Friday evening, but then there's a specialness in their rarity. (We'll also add there is usually a holiday-themed sing-along come December.)

Again, this is free, but here's the important thing to know: You need a ticket. Which means arriving by 6 p.m., at the latest. The sing-along starts at 6:30 p.m.

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