Free Getty Center Kid Concerts

The summer series that parents dig, too, is set to open.

Getty Center

Saturdays Off the 405? The Getty Center's free, once-a-month, soak-in-the-evening concert series is known wide and far for attracting some of the buzz-buildingest acts around. This translates into a cool and laid-back crowd of grown-ups, ready to hobnob and sip wine and enjoy the tunes.

But it isn't all about the adult scene at the institution on the big hill. There's another warm-weather music series at the Getty Center, but the Garden Concerts are geared to kids and their parentals. And, like Saturdays Off the 405, the Garden Concerts are free. Yep, you pay parking at the Getty Center, but there's no ticket booth at the door. Yay that.

The first Garden Concerts of 2012 roll on Saturday, Aug. 4 and Sunday, Aug. 5 with Justin Roberts and the Not Ready for Naptime Players. And they're playing at the post-naptime and pre-bedtime hour of 4 p.m. In fact, all concerts in the series are 4 p.m.-ers.

The next two weekends bring the stylings of Randy Kaplan and David Tobocman and Bill Harley. Do the children get up and jump around? Oh yeah they do. That's what a free summer garden concert geared to families is all about, in the best sense. Gain some rhythms and hear some fresh, kid-sweet tunes and shake off a little excess energy. Yay that, again.

A quick perusal of the artists' sounds and songs say that they're a witty bunch ("Obsessed by Trucks" is one Justin Roberts ditty). We like when the grown-ups and the kids can both rock out, happily, to the same sets.

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