Free: LA's Largest Outdoor Yoga Gathering at Terranea

Downward dog alongside hundreds of others at the ocean-close resort.

LOOKING INWARD, LOOKING OUTWARD: Anyone who has been through a yoga class knows that the practice is very much about connecting with your center. Mantras can become personal to the practitioner, and poses gently modified to suit a person's particular limberness or bodily being, but that truism -- a looking and connecting inward -- remains for everyone who rolls out his or her mat. That said, having an "outward" experience that can enhance or reflect that interior journey is a wonderful complement to a yoga class, whether that means good friends at your side, a beautiful studio, or a stunning, ocean-adjacent expanse of grass. Finding that last bit of gorgeousness can take a bit more searching, unless you happen to be around Southern California in September. The ninth month of the year is National Yoga Awareness Month, and while hour-long specials abound at studios and spas over town, Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes goes one deep-hipped, pigeon-long stretch further: The pretty property hosts what is billed as the "largest outdoor yoga gathering" in Los Angeles, and the price to get in? Zero dollars.

SUNDAY, SEPT. 21: It's a Sunday afternoon molto chillaxed kind of thing, starting at 5:30 p.m., with other health-focused happenings going down in the hour beforehand. (So, nope, this won't be sunset yoga, with the ocean ahead of you, but count on that soft evening thing falling as you yourself take easy pose and close your eyes.) "Yoga fans of all levels" are invited, the get-peaceful setting is the Palos Verdes Meadows, and, for sure, show with your mat. But not your cash, as mentioned: It is gratis. An outdoor wellness marketplace kicking off at 4:30 complements the session -- a personalize-TOMS-shoes to-do is part of it -- and the spa's cafe is behind the afternoon's "healthful bites." Oh, and, yes, you can attend even if you're not a guest of the resort.

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