Free: Michel Makes Merry

We've spoken in the space of our affection for director Michel Gondry. Sometimes, we don't know, on a sidewalk, somewhere, we just pause out of the blue and think of the "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" scene where all the spines of the books go blank.

Or maybe, when you think of Michel Gondry, you think, not of the title-less books, but of the Chemical Brothers' "Let Forever Be" video. In fact, if you think simultaneously of both "Eternal Sunshine" and the Gondry-directed video at the same time, images flowing and smooshing, that seems like a very Gondry-esque action to us.

The big-brained director has a new DVD out -- "Michel Gondry 2: More Videos" -- and he's rounding up some of his friends to celebrate. Where is Monsieur Gondry headed with his amis? Amoeba Music, for a free "live musical performance." Tres intriguing. The happening happens on Wednesday, August 26th, at 7PM.

He will also sign his DVD, which is not free, but of course, on the very same night, in the very same place; the DVD includes bits featuring The White Stripes, Beck, and Paul McCartney.

Maybe, after the Amoeba show, we will add his live performance to our internal, smooshed-together Gondry image sequences. Entirely possible.

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