Free Oscar Docs Close with “The Cove”

The most recent documentary winners screen at The Academy.

Free movies series, quite often, reach waaay back into the vault, with good-to-mixed results.

Sometimes, however, you want to see something current, something still in the headlines, and you don't want to pay to do so. That's a rare combo -- current and free -- which is why we're talking about the final night of the documentary series hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

"Music by Prudence" and "The Cove" are the final two offerings of the very fine series, which opened on March 22 and played most Monday nights at The Academy's Vine location. If these titles are fresh to you, here's why: you just saw both win Oscar statues on March 7, 2010.

They're playing, for free, on Monday, May 3. Mark Monroe, the writer for "The Cove," will be Q&A-ing.

Academy, what's next? Not to be greedy in the excellent-free-screening department. Okay. To be greedy.

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