Free: Western Outlaws Night

Honky-tonkin' to Hollywood, and then doing some more honky-tonkin' once you're there, sounds as sweet as the smell of prairie grass in the wind. Even sweeter: When the honky-tonkin' can be done for free. That is *all* honk and no tonk, if you know what we mean, and we think you do.

Here's what's free: a screening of Sam Peckinpah's "Pat Garret and Billy the Kid," which stars Bob Dylan and the always pleasurable-to-watch Kris Kristofferson. Have you seen a lot of dudes looking like Mr. Kristofferson, circa 1974, as of late? We have, and we like.

Since Western Outlaws Night is hosted by Gold Dust, the all-girl DJ group that has been known to throw a hoopla or two, you know there will be other party-nice touches to the evening. Like a craft fair, full of "grunge metal garments" (three satisfying words in a row) and jewelry with an old-fashioned twist. Items, of course, will be for sale, but the lookie-loo-ing is on the house.

Music will be a-twangin'. Of course. And the listening is free. So is the shaking it. Should you wear something with fringe, like you just rode in off the desert? Probably. Because fringe really flies when you get to twirling.

Don't make for the nearest saloon; instead, you'll want to turn your pony toward Space15Twenty on Thursday, August 27th. Craft fair and music starts at 5PM, movie at 8PM.

Now where are those calico bloomers we saved for exactly this occasion?

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