Drifting Freighter Dodges Disaster in Bay

 A 741-foot oil tanker lost power in San Francisco Bay on Tuesday night and was briefly stranded near the Golden Gate Bridge.

There were no reports of injuries or pollution in the bay because of the incident, Coast Guard Petty Officer Levi Read said.

The tanker, the Overseas Clelimar, was leaving the Port of San Francisco for Ecuador when it lost power at around 5:30 p.m. The crew dropped its anchor within 10 minutes to stabilize its position before being grounded.

The tanker was able to regain power and was helped back to port by tug boats.

The tanker had no cargo after previously unloading its oil in Martinez, Read said.

A preliminary inspection by the Coast Guard showed no signs of oil in the bay and no damage to the hull of the vessel. There were also no injuries reported by the 32 crew members.

Alcohol tests of crew members conducted by the Coast Guard turned up negative.

More tests will be conducted Wednesday to make sure there is no pollution in the bay and to try to determine the cause of the incident.

Just over a year ago another ship ran into trouble in the bay. The Cosco Busan crashed into a Bay Bridge tower in November 2007, leading to a major oil spill.

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