Fresh Eats on the Surfliner


SEAVIEW CAFE: What's your favorite part of a vintage movie that takes place on a train? Is it where two of the main characters visit the food car, for cocktails and intrigue? Always. Of course, today's train riders might not be whispering about mysteries over Gimlets -- nor are they wearing tuxedos and full-feathered hats -- but we do want a great way to dine while on a train. Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner has a dining car -- it's actually called the SeaView Cafe -- and the cafe recently debuted a fresh menu.

TRACK-CLOSE TIDBITS: A Fresh Fruit Bowl, a Farmer Salad, and various sandwiches and wraps. You can eye more at the Amtrak site. Now, to brush off that tuxedo or evening gloves for your train trip. Mixing a little glam into dining on a Roasted Veggie Wrap is always a good thing.

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