Fried Snackage, Lay-Low Vibes, Cheap Beer

Hello, Big Wang's! Your wing-based dippable goodness has made a Gridskipper list, though not for "Best Wings" or "Place We're Most Likely to Dribble Fiery Red Hot Sauce All Over Our New White Jacket" (those are coming, though, we hope). Nope, the recent list covers "No Frill Hollywood Watering Holes" and the picks are so choice we just want to raise our PBR to them and say cheers.

All the classics, including you Big Wang's -- we'll label you a new modern classic of the Tinseltown area, if that's okay by you (don't blush) -- are on there, save the always trusty Frolic Room, perhaps. But our favorite, Boardner's, made the cut, although we personally like to go for the fancy, absinthe-y, light-a-sugar-cube-over-the-rim type cocktails at that famously old-school joint. Next time we'll see if we can't drink on several dimes, vs. dollars, while visiting that night-loving nook.

Even Birds landed on the list -- we say "even" because it is technically in the Hollywood area, though a bit to the north-ish -- and we're happy to hear about the no-frills drinks, because we tend to go spend our extra change at that little cute shop at the end of the block with all the floral soaps and saucy joke books.

A good list for lean times. Let's raise a pitcher to that.

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