From the Fanning Ourselves Dept.: Helloooo, Jon Hamm!

Serious-minded Don Draper, a comedian? We'd noticed, early on, the twinkle in the eye of Jon Hamm, the handsome lead actor of "Mad Men," but we just figured it caused by seeing shapely Joan striding through Sterling-Cooper in one of her figure-hugging shifts. (Christina Hendricks, sexiest woman alive?)

But it turns out Jon Hamm does like to yuk it up. Makes sense; his lady love is none other than the talented Jennifer Westfeldt, writer of "Kissing Jessica Stein"; he also hosted a recent "SNL" to notable fanfare. Now the Golden Globe winner is appearing as part of Ronna & Beverly's All Jew Revue at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

Besides looking forward to the laughs, we're curious as to whether the actor will wear his hair Brylcreemed back, a la ad man Don Draper, or bangs down? Whenever we see him in his natural, non-TV state, we don't recognize him for a moment. He's like a modern-day Clark Kent/Superman. Bangs back? Superman. Bangs down? Mild-mannered reporter for The Daily Planet. Neat trick.

Ronna & Beverly's All Jew Revue
Thursday, November 20, 9:30PM
Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, 5919 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles

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