From “Whole Foods” to “Yoga Girl”

The guys behind the "Whole Foods Parking Lot" are back with a fresh vid.

It's gettin' real in the Whole Foods parking lot. How real? One of the year's viraliest videos -- you remember "Whole Foods Parking Lot" -- has now garnered well over three million Youtube views. Consider that it only debuted in early June, too. Major.

Now Fog and Smog, the creative team behind that satirical scratch-sweet song, has just released its new video. It's called "Yoga Girl" and, yep, it talks about a guy who wants to sidle up to a mat-carrying, Toms-wearing woman on her way to downward dog.

There are many funny asides throughout the video, and the wordplay is as sharp as in the "Whole Foods Parking Lot." We also like the makers' Westside love. Yep, they're tweaking certain conventions of a certain region of our city, but one senses there's a lot of affection behind the pointed observations.

"You want to meditate with me? I'm like, om." Smiles.

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