Fulfilled Pastries Now Open

Imagawayaki, a type of Japanese confection, is a small round of dough-y goodness brimming with an assortment of fillings both savory and sugary. This treat easily wins us over at "small round of dough-y goodness" -- because, really, that's perfection in itself -- but we're willing to consider all the good things that go inside.

Fulfilled Pastries, a new shop in Beverly Hills, takes the precious empty center space of the imagawayaki and stuffs it with a variety of ingredients, like azuki bean, a traditional filling that has been part of the imagawayaki for many years. But Fulfilled creatively incorporates a number of interesting, we'd-never-thunk-that center surprises. One duo we're delighted by is Nutella and banana, two tasties that sing together in a crepe and even on plain old sandwich bread, so we're expecting that they truly take the cake here. We're also intrigued by the mission figs, honey, walnut, pepper and goat cheese imagawayaki, as well as version that incorporates peanut butter and toffee (in fact, more toffee in everything everywhere, please).

Served warm, these palm-able delectables seem ideal for munching while doing some idle window shopping along Little Santa Monica, and just petite enough to tuck in the purse if you need to slip into an establishment sporting a "no food or drink allowed" sign. In fact, why not pick up a savory one for the lunch part of lunch, as well as a sweet one for the dessert part of lunch? What, you don't have a dessert course in your lunch?

9405 S. Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Hills

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