Full Moon Hike at Franklin Canyon

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The monthly Full Moon Hike in Franklin Canyon is just one benefit of living in a city that boasts bevies of beautiful canyons at its wild heart (another is eating a fancy meal alongside celebs one minute, and then watching a possum scamper up a leafy hill the next -- the contrast thrills). Certainly when we feel weary from the ol' day-to-day, our eyes turn to those nearby canyons. If only we could, we don't know, sit under a tree for an hour, watch the light dapple and let the world melt away. Or hike by the light of a full moon.

But wait, by jove, we believe we can do just that. The Full Moon Hike whisks frazzled Angelenos away from Facebook and checkbook into a magical place of buzzing insects, cooing birds and lunar magic. Things we like: It's free, we don't need to be a world-class hiker to join (phew!), it lasts about two hours, we'll be home in time to watch some TV and we are guaranteed to meet other locals who love those canyons like we do. 

And if anyone should see that scampering possum, tell him "hey" for us.

Full Moon Hike at Franklin Canyon, 2600 Franklin Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills

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