Fullerton Foams, Huntington Beach Hops

BEER FLIGHT: A quality beer flight, one that introduces you to several new labels or breweries, is a lovely thing indeed. Even lovelier? When the final beer on the tray is kind of desserty (yeah, we're thinking a chocolate or caramel finish, though we know there are a lot of berry fans out there). And a bevy of beer flights? Happening over one week in one area? Why, it must be some kind of celebration. And from Sunday, Oct. 2 through Saturday, Oct. 8 it will be. Those are the annual OC Beer Week days, and a whole host of restaurants and establishments will be lining up the sudsy specials.

ON THE LIST: Anaheim White House, Charlie Palmer, Orange Hill Restaurant, and dozens of others made the roster. Not only will beer flights pop up hither and thither, but many venues'll go the beer-pairing route. Also nice. Chocolate beer with chocolate pastries? Well, maybe not. But perhaps we're not thinking big enough. At 6ix Park Grill we're liking the Karl Strauss Oktoberfest paired with a bratwurst on pretzel baguette. Oh yum.

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