Fullerton’s Frights

Get the lowdown on ghosties around the historic OC city.

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HISTORIC HAUNTS: Pretty much everyone loves a good ghost story, and lots of people are sweet on walking tours. But when the two come together? It's a pretty irresistible combination. You're learning some historic facts of an older part of town, usually, or city, as well as a few legends, so let's call it educational as well as entertaining. And you're also usually out at night, getting some fresh air, and that's appealing, too; most walking tours are in the daytime, but spirited struts, by their very nature, happen when the sun goes down. We're saying, in short, that historical figures, lively yarns, and wandering around by moonlight is an outing that is pretty excellent, but they seem to cluster around the fall. Meaning you have to seize opportunities, like joining the Haunted Fullerton Walking Tours, which are on now through Thursday, Nov. 1.

PLUMMER AUDITORIUM: Plummer is a big name 'round Fullerton parts, so tours may include some spooky background on the auditorium (there is a note that says locations can vary, but perhaps the Plummer is in your stars). We also would love to see the California Hotel, or Villa del Sol. Because hotel ghosts? Endlessly entertaining. Cost is eighteen bucks for a tour, the North Orange County Paranormal Society may have members present -- arrive with questions -- and Wednesdays and Thursdays are the nights. What will you learn about the heart of one of the OC's older and most charming burgs? We hope there's a shiver or two involved.

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