Fraiche Reveals New Menu at Cancer Fundraiser

Fraiche Santa Monica will host a cocktail fundraiser tomorrow, February 25th, to raise money for the Concern Foundation for Cancer Research and the LA Marathon. Owner Keith Fox will start the event at 5:30 in celebration of his daughter Olivia’s miraculous recovery from bone-leg cancer. To make this  truly "healing" cocktail, Fox brought in mixologist Ryan Quintana to create a signature cocktail called "OLIVIA'S CRUSH", which contains life enhancing ingredients including organic blackberries, Acai, house-made ginger syrup, reishi, mint, vodka and prosecco.  Olivia and her dear friend actor Kevin Connolly, star of Entourage, will roll up his sleeves and bartend throughout the night. The cocktail will sell for $20, all of which goes directly to the Concern Foundation/LA Marathon fund.  Fraiche has set up a new lounge, and a DJ will play throughout the evening.  Stick around, too, as Fraiche is also debuting a new bar-lounge menu that evening featuring fondue and also a lobster roll.

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