Furrific Fright Fest at Wildlife Learning Center

No need to eek; this sweet party in Sylmar is all about cool animals.

A NOT-TOO-FRIGHTFUL FUNDRAISER: The whole cinematic trend of spiders the size of swimming pools and three-headed dogs as big as a hill pretty much wrapped up when the 1950s ended, but our fables and stories involving the eekier side of the animal world lingers on. Sometimes the animals in those tales talk, and are very wise, and are often wizards or witches; sometimes they've got fifty eyes and live in a magical cave. The short of it is we can't get enough of animals, whether they're fictional and little frightening or in the real world and requiring our human love and attention. The Wildlife Learning Center in Sylmar works very hard in this second category, each and every day, as staffers and volunteers spread knowledge about the biology of wildlife and often rescue our friends out there who have a broken wing or hurt beak. Rescue and tend to, let us add, making their mission not at all scary but very important. The center, which is "nestled in an old olive grove" where "more than 70 different species of rescued and zoo-born animals" chillax and recuperate and enjoy life in the "shady, natural environment." It's an environment you can get to know, as you get to know some of the center's residents, during the Furrific Fright Fest on Saturday, Oct. 17.

8 INTERACTIVE ANIMAL STATIONS... means you'll get up close with a cutie, whether it is a bunny or a porcupine or a giant python, which you can pet. (Okay, you can feel a little stomach-quivery before you gently put your hand out, but be brave -- it's fine.) There's also a chance to win a meet & greet with a lynx. 

CAN YOU WEAR A COSTUME? You can -- there are contests on for both adults and kids. Can you show with "your best carved pumpkin"? You can -- you might win something fun. Will you snack up appetizers and sip cooling beverages as you discuss how the Fennec fox you got to touch felt? You will. Tickets to this sweet, not-spooky fundraiser are seventy five bucks for adults and fifty for kids ages 3 to 16. And you'll feel as big as a giant movie spider, inside your heart, when you leave knowing you've helped a center that helps a whole caboodle of wild critters who call the Southern California region home. And you know that when we say your heart'll be as big as a movie spider we're talking seriously big. 

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