Gay Ballroom Classes

The six-week course is taught by top dancers.

What is it, now? Every third or fourth reality show has a dancing theme?

We're being dramatic, of course, but having a few moves out on the floor has become something more people have been thinking about as of late, including those who claim they never dance.

Oh, but they want to. We know.

Dancing's rising star is one reason the Gay Ballroom series of classes at Plummer Park caught our eye. Another reason is that Gay Ballroom is taught by Robert Tristan and Steve Valentine, who have won accolades at the Gay Games.

Also, the intro class on Saturday, March 13 is only a dollar. Another reason we're liking it. Try it out, spend a dollar, if you don't get into it, you don't get into it.

But we're betting you will. Classes will run for six weeks starting on Saturday, March 20; the cost is $200 per couple (note that singles are welcome, too).

Will you be a world champion, or on the telly one day? Salsa and Tango and more styles are promised. This could be your start to stardom.

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